Busy June 2018

Thanks to everyone who came out to all the Pokey Lafarge shows on our most recent European excursion. Had a blast at Red Rooster Fest, enjoyed the Dutch shows & countryside, and am happy we finally came back to Spain! Thanks again everyone.

Maximum Effort has an album in the bag, and we are rocking three shows this month. Last night was an extreme pleasure to open for the U.S. Bombs @ Fubar. They rocked my face off. We play two more awesome shows at the end of this month with a ton of awesome St. Louis bands. We are lucky to have such a great local scene.

Another fun surprise for this month:

I have the opportunity and pleasure of sitting in on guitar with New Orlean's Big Dixie Swingers this month. I have 4 scheduled shows with this class act. June 18th-21st. Looking forward to it. Check out my show listings at the bottom of my home page to find out where.

That's me this month,

Hope all is well out there in Radioland,