The Year is 2020.....

This is looking like it's going to be a fantastic year in music!

It seems I will be Rockin' & Rollin' my way through the next couple months with plenty of shows from Maximum Effort. We are playing with many great touring bands this Spring and Summer, so check back on this website for updates. Our song list is getting pretty full these days so we may just have to record another album soon to document them for all of time.

It has been an honor ripping' guitar with the "yaww"-inspiring, junk-food-sporting', not-so-mellow-sounds of the infamous Bassamp & Dano these past few months! I gonna keep Rockin' with these turkeys till they realize I like salad. We are hitting up Indianapolis, IN April 4th @ The Melody Inn for their Punk Rock Wrestlemania VI: Punk Rock on the stage, Pro-Wrestling style antics on and off the stage! Gonna be a blast!

Also, for those who don't know, I have been performing in the circus ring @ City Museum with the fabulous and wonderful Laura Lippert! We have created quite a spectacular show over the last few months. You should come see it and be awed. We do several performances a month, so check the site to stay informed and up to date

See ya in St. Louis or down the road,

So much cool stuff happening this month! First off, Maximum Effort is Scheduled to release a 10- year-anniversary-Gatefold-7"-Double EP on July 6th @ the Sinkhole! Ten songs for ten years.
Secondly, we will be touring with our STL buds, Shitstorm, in support of the new release. Midwest, here we come!

Also, this month, I will be continuing to provide musical accompaniment to an insanely awe-inspiring aerialist named Laura Lippert. If you have not seen her perform, you have not lived life yet. Come down to the City Museum, join us in the circus ring, and have your mind blown! These are also the perfect shows to bring your whole family too, as you've probably neglected contact with them, and need an excuse to reconnect.

Keep Your eyes peeled for Al Scorch shows too, I'll be posting them soon.


I have a jammed packed April full of exciting shows and shenanigans. I'm happy to be on the road again with the wonderful Al Scorch & friends! We are gonna be hitting a few towns in the upper Midwest including Ashland, WI and Duluth, MN. I'm looking forward to playing with these fine musicians. This tour is going to be a blast!

The bulk of my performances in April is an exciting new set of shows for me. I went and joined the circus. I will be playing guitar music with the wonderful and fantastical Laura Lippert, who is a trained and tenured aerialist and circus performer, the likes of which you've never seen. Please come on down to see one or more of the multiple performances that we have this month.

Also, on April 13th, Maximum Effort has the honor and pleasure to play record store day @ The Record Space in St. Louis. Our friend Don, the owner of the shop, is an amazing curator of all things cool, and we are happy to take part in record festivities with him, his shop, and all the other bands that are ready to rock!

Hope to see ya there,