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It's all Good!

Having no more live shows to perform for a while has certainly been a challenge. Since I began playing shows, I have performed somewhere north of 2000 times! That is like playing a show every day for 5.5 years! Holy cow! As much as I miss performing, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home. I've been learning, writing, and recording new songs like never before (glad I built my recording studio).
I've also been occupying my time by offering guitar lessons online! It's a way to give back to the musical community that has helped me for so many years. It has been pretty successful. If you are interested in lessons, hit me up here!

I've also been transcribing a ridiculous amount of music for personal arrangements and students looking for particular pieces to play: over 200 so far! Dang! I've decided to offer this service to the public too. Hit me up here if you are looking for some songs to be written out for your education.

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So much cool stuff happening this month! First off, Maximum Effort is Scheduled to release a 10- year-anniversary-Gatefold-7"-Double EP on July 6th @ the Sinkhole! Ten songs for ten years.
Secondly, we will be touring with our STL buds, Shitstorm, in support of the new release. Midwest, here we come!

Also, this month, I will be continuing to provide musical accompaniment to an insanely awe-inspiring aerialist named Laura Lippert. If you have not seen her perform, you have not lived life yet. Come down to the City Museum, join us in the circus ring, and have your mind blown! These are also the perfect shows to bring your whole family too, as you've probably neglected contact with them, and need an excuse to reconnect.

Keep Your eyes peeled for Al Scorch shows too, I'll be posting them soon.